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For many of us, working in the technology sector can be super rewarding- the ability to impact others in a positive way by helping to apply technology solutions to their lives can be impactful way beyond ourselves.   BUT, and it’s a big BUT, it can be harrowing dealing with incredible egos, male dominated environments and politics galore to name a few.

As a young network engineer in my early 20’s, WAY back when, I was lucky enough to have a few women right along side of me (actually one company called us “the computer babes”), but I also had a few very supportive male role models and mentors to guide me along the way.

As I’ve moved along in my career, I have spent countless hours with people in many stages of their career that aspire to their first leadership role, or maybe to land that promotion to the next level of leadership, or perhaps the goal is the “big” first executive job.

My goal with TechWomenLead is to highlight amazing women who have something to contribute; whether it’s advice, a story to inspire or cautionary words.   My hope is that you are able to learn from others experience, that you can grow into that “next” role you so desire and that you can connect with other like-minded souls. I am so very grateful to those who are contributing and “paying it forward” to help others along the way. I am blessed beyond belief to have such souls in my life, thank you!

The site will have some ad support to offset hosting charges, but will be minimal and hopefully, non-intrusive.

I wish you luck in your journey, and please email me at Lea@techwomenlead.com with any feedback or commentary.

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