Retiring with Passion by Julie Freemole

You are who you believe you are. This is something I not only subscribed to but it was reinforced to me at a recent Tony Robbins event entitled Unleash the Power Within. The more you know about yourself, the easier it is for you to achieve what you want …. And that is especially true when it comes to retirement! When I made the decision to leave Microsoft after 25 ½ years, it was very important for me to really understand what most influenced me, what my beliefs were and what my first hand and shared experiences were. Some of the most critical things I had to assess, along with the financial implications of course included:

• How much was my identity wrapped up in my career?

• What I would do the first day of retirement when I did not have to go back to work?

• Did I have any mentors that had done this before me that I could call upon?

• Would I continue to work in some capacity, FT, PT, in the same field or something completely different?

I quickly learned that leading a balanced life was still key, just as it had been when I worked at Microsoft. Other must haves included having a sense of purpose, keeping a connection to a community or communities, and continuing a lifelong of learning. When I think about how to continue to lead into retirement I took a hard look at what I was most passionate about, making a commitment to that passion, and making a difference by living a life of service/giving back. For me it means turning my sights and energy on Mental Health Advocacy. I have both personal and professional reasons for wanting to do so and that journey to that next life altering level begins now.

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