A Leader Without Goals by Jennifer Dangar

I never intended to be a corporate executive.  I was going to be a stay at home mom, really! So I never developed a vision for where I was going and the best path to achieve my goals-I didn’t have any as they related to work.  Twenty plus years later I realized that goals were not the important part for me, work ethic, a curious mind and the double platinum rule were what made me successful. 

I am a natural problem solver and I strongly believe in the double platinum rule, in business, as a hostess, as a mother-treat others as THEY would like to be treated, and then exceed expectations.  I constantly look at problems to be solved from the other person’s perspective first.  What would most help my boss lighten his load today?  What are my daughter’s drivers?  What would make a dinner party more enjoyable for my guests?  I started in sales, and what made me good at is was curiosity, compassion and collaboration.  I never tried to “sell” something, but rather I tried to help my clients solve their problems.  What motivates them?  How are they rewarded, recognized or bonused?  What are their goals and priorities? And how can I be a meaningful part of helping them look and feel great about what I have to offer?

We recently finished a $100 Million campus expansion project.  All the various teams I manage stepped up in new, creative, collaborative and incredible ways, coming together do something none of us had before.  Long hours, extremely tight deadlines, crazy demands.  It all went off without (a major) hitch-we came in on time and on budget!  As I thought about how to recognize and reward this amazing achievement I thought about what was most meaningful to each team member-extra PTO, recognition, a spot bonus?  We did different things for different people.  One size rarely fits all.  But when you think of others first, you can come up with the size that feels best to them! 

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