There are NO accidents, the story of my career by Tiffany Price

I am an ‘accidental’ techie. I thought I was destined for fashion design and actually moved to Europe after graduation. When I moved back home to Vancouver a few years later there weren’t many openings for aspiring designers and so I started working in hospitality. I quickly realized I was fascinated with data and what data would reveal in relation to trends. I led a team to develop a loyalty program back in the day when they weren’t main stream (and there were no apps!).

Analyzing the data and leveraging those insights to drive greater customer engagement, inform decisions and increase customer satisfaction became my new passion. I had no idea this would lead me to a 20+ year career in IT.

I have ‘re-invented’ my path multiple times and each time have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges (even when a little daunting!) and privilege of working with some brilliant and dynamic people over the years.

What advice would I give my younger self today?

  • Surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you, but don’t necessarily ‘agree’ with you
  • Embrace change! It’s ok, particularly early on to ‘pivot’, this isn’t failing
  • Learning is forever, there is no ‘arrival’
  • Take your seat at the table, you have every right to be there

What do I hope for the future leaders and for women leaders in particular?

  • I hope the question of “how do you balance work and family” isn’t only directed to the women in the room
  • I hope the gender-based wage gap disappears and becomes a topic future generations study in history

Tiffany recommended two books at the moment:

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